Under His Wings: Truths to Heal Adopted, Orphaned, and Waiting Children's Hearts

by Sherrie Eldridge 

Under His Wings provides a POST-ADOPTION growth experience for EVERY adoptee, ages 9 and upward! As adoptees read about Moses from the Bible, defensive hearts melt and adoptees realize they are just like the guy who was just like them but went on to be one of the world's greatest leaders. This gives them hope and helps them to realize that there is a way to get through seemingly impossible sadness, depression, and anger.

Perfect for:

  • All-adoptee growth groups
  • Parents who are mentoring teens
  • Adoptive parents and birth parents who want to better understand their child
  • Professionals who want a tool written by authors who have walked the walk
  • Any post-adoption group that has been touched by adoption

The workbook has four appendices:

  • Feelings Descriptor Chart (to help you wrap words around feelings)
  • Exhaustive List of God's Names (to help you identify your feelings about God)
  • Time-Line Exercise (to help you make sense of the broken pieces of your journey)
  • 12 Daily Healing Steps for Adopted, Foster, & Orphan Children's Hearts
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