Sherrie Eldridge


Sherrie Eldridge believes that being adopted equates to a life of mysteries, just waiting to be discovered. A twice-reunited adoptee, Eldridge is a straight-shooting, transparent, and compassionate author, speaker, and trainer in the field of adoption. Her books are research-based, yet woven within are poignant messages pounded out on the anvil of her adoptee heart. This is what makes Eldridge unique! Because her books hit core needs, readers review her work with anger or thanks. She takes this in stride, knowing many critics return with thanks. One adoptive parent said she had a beautiful heart because she had the courage to tell him what his daughter might experience.

Her first book, Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed, is required reading by many adoption agencies and universities. She has also authored four other books and free adoption workbooks:

  • Under His Wings (Spanish Edition)
  • Beauty from Ashes (for adoption triad groups)
  • 12 Steps for Adopted Teens
  • 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

Those who read her books or listen to her speak can expect to:

  • Receive tips on how and when to talk to adopted children about adoption
  • Learn how to hear, understand, and speak the heart language of adoptees
  • Find practical ways for developing church-based orphan ministries
  • Discover the vital roles both birth and adoptive parents play in the adoptee's life
  • Be taught the secret of showing unconditional love to adoptees

In 2010, Eldridge received the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award from the Honorable Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. She and Bob traveled to DC to receive the awards.

As Sherrie reflects on her life as adopted person, it amazes her that an unplanned baby, abandoned by her birth, named Baby X by hospital workers, could be named a Congressional Angel in Adoption.


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