Loving Shepherd Ministries


Making the adoption process less complicated and overwhelming

LSM is not an adoption agency, but rather a not-for-profit Christian adoption organization that provides no-cost assistance to families who are at the beginning stages of international and domestic adoption.

As adoption advocates, our goal is to save parents from the time-consuming, expensive and potentially heartbreaking hassles and red tape often associated with adoption. Our resources include:

  • Aid in deciding whether international or domestic adoption or foster parenting is best for individual families.
  • Information regarding which countries’ laws and programs will best work for each family, and which adoption possibilities they are eligible to pursue – before submitting funds for an agency application.
  • Researched listing of national and international agencies that are ethical, experienced and financially stable for the specific adoption program each family chooses.
  • Research to help understand the Homestudy process.
  • Listing of financial resources that assist in funding adoption.
  • Unbiased answers to specific questions or concerns.

Our services are at no cost to families, and we receive no compensation from adoption agencies, which allows LSM to be an objective resource for adoptive families.

Our passion is to assist families in fulfilling their calling – to provide a forever family for a precious child.


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