Infertility & Miscarriage Books 

by Marlo Schalesky 

Hope and Help For Those Struggling With Infertility

When the professional advice isn't enough, and you've had your fill of well-meaning comments from those who haven't experienced infertility, Marlo Schalesky wants you to know you are not alone. The true stories she tells of couples who share your hopes, fears, frustrations, and the comfort only God can bring will encourage your heart.

Infertility strikes at the core of what it means to be a woman or man, tests marriages, and shakes faith. The honest, open, and emotionally resonant first-person stories in Empty Womb, Aching Heart will touch your life--as you "cry in the diaper aisle," wonder if you "are less of a woman," ask "How far should we go?" or whisper to God, "It's not fair."

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by Gwen Kik and Teale Fackler 

Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy is a Bible study that has been designed to facilitate healing for those who have experienced an unintentional pregnancy loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or any form of early infant death.

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by Becky Garrett, Donna Gibbs, and Phyllis Rabon 

Hope and encouragement for those dealing with infertility.Issues of Infertility are epidemic within and without the church. The pain and disappointment runs so deep, and often threatens the relationships of those involved. Water from the Rock is an excellent resource for women facing this crisis on a daily basis. Rather than addressing the medical aspects of infertility, this book helps readers focus on reaching out to God and allowing Him to comfort them throughout this trial. Biblically based strategies are offered in each chapter to help women and couples move from emotional grief to spiritual growth as they travel this difficult road.

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