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At Holt International, we help orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children to thrive by finding families to love them. Families in the form of trained caretakers who assume the awesome task of nurturing children awaiting adoption.

And the adoptive families who will love and nurture children… forever.

Moved by faith and a firm belief that all children deserve permanent, loving homes, Harry and Bertha Holt began their lifelong mission in 1955. Overcoming legal and cultural barriers, they sought families for children orphaned by the Korean War.

With this act of love, two farmers from rural Oregon revolutionized international adoption.


Dr. Purvis is the director of the TCU Institute of Child Development. She has devoted the past decade to developing research-based interventions for at-risk children. She and her colleague Dr. David Cross were awarded the Heroes in Healthcare Award in 2006 by the Dallas Business Journal, and they have co-authored the best-selling adoption book, The Connected Child (2007).

Dr. Purvis has received numerous awards and honors, including the T. Berry Brazelton, M.D. Infant Mental Health Advocacy Award, the title of Distinguished Fellow in Adoption and Child Development bestowed by The National Council for Adoption, and the James Hammerstein Award, given annually to honor someone who has displayed outstanding dedication to children in need.

Karyn is a former foster parent, a mother of three boys and a grandmother of eight. Read more about her lifelong passion to serve children from hard places and how she has faithfully followed God’s calling in her life.


Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit family preservation and child welfare organization caring for orphans and vulnerable children on five continents. Bethany is recognized as a prominent leader in social services worldwide. Founded in 1944, our mission calls us to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families around the world.

Bethany is about kids in families. We serve children of all ages as we strive toward a world where every child has a loving family. Our services include family support and preservation, adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, training, refugee services, sponsorship, and infertility ministry. We are called to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ to vulnerable children and families around the world.


Making the adoption process less complicated and overwhelming

LSM is not an adoption agency, but rather a not-for-profit Christian adoption organization that provides no-cost assistance to families who are at the beginning stages of international and domestic adoption.

As adoption advocates, our goal is to save parents from the time-consuming, expensive and potentially heartbreaking hassles and red tape often associated with adoption. Our resources include:

  • Aid in deciding whether international or domestic adoption or foster parenting is best for individual families.
  • Information regarding which countries’ laws and programs will best work for each family, and which adoption possibilities they are eligible to pursue – before submitting funds for an agency application.
  • Researched listing of national and international agencies that are ethical, experienced and financially stable for the specific adoption program each family chooses.
  • Research to help understand the Homestudy process.
  • Listing of financial resources that assist in funding adoption.
  • Unbiased answers to specific questions or concerns.

Our services are at no cost to families, and we receive no compensation from adoption agencies, which allows LSM to be an objective resource for adoptive families.

Our passion is to assist families in fulfilling their calling – to provide a forever family for a precious child.



Our Method
We seek to mobilize the church, His body, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give.

Our Pledge
“Our Children” will have:

  • No want for food, clothing, medical care, or shelter.
  • Fundamental Christian training and discipleship.
  • A quality education to provide a foundation for the future.
  • Continued love and support as they transition into adult living.

Show Hope™ is a movement to care for orphans, restoring the hope of a family to orphans in distress around the world.

Founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth, this nonprofit organization is helping to make a difference for the millions of orphans and waiting children around the world. Primarily they do this through Adoption Aid financial grants that help give orphans families and Special Care Centers in China that help orphans with special needs. Through programs like their Advocates, Student Initiatives, and Sponsorship, they are truly mobilizing a movement of individuals and communities who show hope to children in need.

When the Chapman’s adopted their daughter Shaohannah Hope in 2000 from China, they desperately wanted to do something about the millions of waiting children who still needed loving families. In February 2003, they started the organization Shaohannah’s Hope, now called Show Hope, as an official 501c3.

Show Hope’s mission is to engage the church to care for orphans and reduce the barriers to adoption. Since its inception, Show Hope has helped provide forever homes through Adoption Aid grants for more than 4,000 orphans from 50+ countries, including the U.S. In addition, more than 1,000 orphans with special needs have received critically needed medical care through Show Hope’s Special Care Centers.


Kristen is the mom of four children within four years via birth and adoption, and has been blogging at Rage Against the Minivan as a coping skill since 2006. If you are looking for a blog with great ideas for kids, amazing craft inspiration, scrapbooking help, and stunning photography, then AWESOME. There are a lot of those blogs out there. You should go find them. Here, you might find musings about the impact of the skinny jean on Kristen's self-esteem, her tendency to spill food on her laptop, and her inappropriate crush on Jon Stewart. She also indulges in sleep-deprived rants about parenting, poop, adoption, politics, race, religion, social justice, and various other subjects that her mother warned her not to discuss in public.

Kristen is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a freelance writer, and a musical theater geek. In addition to her own blog, Kristen is a regular contributor to Disney's parenting site Babble, as well as to Huffington Post and OC Family Magazine. She is the managing editor of ShePosts, an online news magazine for women in social media. She previously founded Mama Manifesto, a collaborative parenting blog. Previously, Kristen has been known to indulge in her love of mocking pop culture at MamaPop and wrote about weightier issues (heh) at Curvy Girl Guide. She is also a columnist at ConversantLife, an online community dedicated to faith and culture. Kristen likes to waste time on Twitter at @kristenhowerton.

In the spring of 2010, Kristen lost her long and passionate battle against the minivan. It now sits in her driveway covered in crushed cheerios and remnants of her self-esteem.


Sherrie Eldridge believes that being adopted equates to a life of mysteries, just waiting to be discovered. A twice-reunited adoptee, Eldridge is a straight-shooting, transparent, and compassionate author, speaker, and trainer in the field of adoption. Her books are research-based, yet woven within are poignant messages pounded out on the anvil of her adoptee heart. This is what makes Eldridge unique! Because her books hit core needs, readers review her work with anger or thanks. She takes this in stride, knowing many critics return with thanks. One adoptive parent said she had a beautiful heart because she had the courage to tell him what his daughter might experience.

Her first book, Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed, is required reading by many adoption agencies and universities. She has also authored four other books and free adoption workbooks:

  • Under His Wings (Spanish Edition)
  • Beauty from Ashes (for adoption triad groups)
  • 12 Steps for Adopted Teens
  • 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

Those who read her books or listen to her speak can expect to:

  • Receive tips on how and when to talk to adopted children about adoption
  • Learn how to hear, understand, and speak the heart language of adoptees
  • Find practical ways for developing church-based orphan ministries
  • Discover the vital roles both birth and adoptive parents play in the adoptee's life
  • Be taught the secret of showing unconditional love to adoptees

In 2010, Eldridge received the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award from the Honorable Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. She and Bob traveled to DC to receive the awards.

As Sherrie reflects on her life as adopted person, it amazes her that an unplanned baby, abandoned by her birth, named Baby X by hospital workers, could be named a Congressional Angel in Adoption.


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